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Our mission is the democratization of tech. To achieve this, we train hundreds of people in No-Code, implement dozens of projects in No-Code and maintain the largest German-speaking No-Code community.
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Here you will find everything you need to get started with No-Code yourself.
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We turn your ideas into digital products. Faster, better, cheaper.
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Become part of the largest German-speaking no-code community.
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What is No-Code?

Building software without coding: that's No-Code. The world of No-Code offers a huge collection of tools that let you build complex software without any coding - mobile apps, web apps, process automations and more.
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Learn No Code

Turn ideas into apps and learn to automate your work processes. In our No-Code Academy you can start for free. Hundreds of people have done it before!

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We develop your product idea - in the shortest time possible

You have an idea for a digital product? We take care of the implementation! With no- and low-code technologies, we can develop your idea within a few weeks. No matter if prototype, minimal viable product or scalable application.


Network with hundreds of makers

Our community is the largest of its kind in the German-speaking world! There you will find quick help when things go wrong, sparring partners for your ideas and many experienced no-code developers for professional help with your next project.

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The VisualMakers Blog

Topics around low and no code, rapid prototyping, automation and more.

What can Bubble AI do so far? - A look at the new AI features

Bubble has taken quite some time with its AI features compared to the competition. Now the beta version is finally here! But what are the two new features good for?
Adriano Villa Bascón
May 15, 2023

60 thousand euros for Impact Software! - No-Code for Impact Scholarship

Together with Digitale Optimisten, we are publishing the No-Code for Impact Scholarship worth €60,000.
Adriano Villa Bascón
May 15, 2023

Connect a private Google account to via OAuth (+video)

In this article, we explain step-by-step how to connect your Google account to using the OAuth procedure.
Adriano Villa Bascón
May 15, 2023