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What is no-code? A brief introduction

In this blog, we will briefly explain what no-code development is all about and why it is often preferable to traditional programming.
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Adriano Villa Bascón
Created on
January 31, 2024

What is no-code? A brief introduction

In addition to the topic of artificial intelligence, there's one term you can't avoid in today's tech landscape: no-code (and low-code, but more on that another time). What is no-code all about, what does no-code development involve, where is it used and what are the advantages of no-code?

No-code development 101

With No-Code, you can create software applications without having to know how to program. Instead of writing code line by line, No-Code makes use of visual programming. This allows people without programming skills to create fully functional and robust web applications, websites, databases and more. Most no-code platforms, such as Bubble, Softr and others, offer ready-made components and even entire templates to further simplify the creation of your own software.

Visual development is a bit like doing a jigsaw puzzle

Visual development is at the heart of no-code development. This approach allows developers, as well as those with no programming experience, to design and create applications by visually inserting and editing elements. It is similar to putting together a jigsaw puzzle, where each piece represents a pre-built component of the application. You simply drag and drop the desired pieces onto the workspace and a new app is gradually created. The great thing about this is that you quickly notice whether something works or not. Or to stay with the puzzle analogy: you quickly notice whether a piece fits or not.

Glide 's visual editor offers one of the best UI/UX in the no-code space

The role of no-code in the digital transformation

No-code development plays a central role in the digital transformation of companies. In order to remain competitive, companies have a great interest in improving and digitizing their processes and services - which increases the demand for individual applications. However, traditional programming is time-consuming and requires qualified developers. No-code development has the clear advantage that it enables rapid application development and reduces the dependency on specialized programming skills.

For example, with our agency at VisualMakers, we manage to reduce development time by a factor of 4 and costs by a factor of 10 compared to traditional development. Without this having a negative impact on the quality of the app, of course.

Thanks to no-code tools, you can often achieve the same results in just a fraction of the time and cost.

When no-code development makes sense

Although no-code development offers numerous advantages, it is not suitable for all solutions across the board. It is particularly suitable for the creation of simple to moderately complex applications such as prototypes and MVPs (minimum viable products). No-code is ideal, for example, for the development of business process applications, customer portals or simple marketplaces. This in no way excludes the possibility of building highly complex applications with no-code (we do this every day). For such applications, however, it may well be necessary to help out with snippets of custom code.

Advantages of no-code development

The introduction of no-code development has several advantages. It promotes rapid application development, enabling companies to respond quickly and cost-effectively to changing market needs. It democratizes application development and empowers non-technical people to contribute to the application development process. It also reduces the burden on IT departments and mitigates the impact of skills shortages in the tech industry.

No-code learning: what's the best way to start?

As for the question, I'm a bit biased, but my answer is clear: the free No-Code Fundamentals course from VisualMakers. After all, that's exactly what I designed this course for. In this text-based course, you'll learn the most important basic concepts and some of the coolest tools. I'll guide you step by step to your own website, mobile app, web app, database and automation. Sounds impossible - but doable with no-code!


No-code development is a disruptive approach to app development and business transformation. By using visual development techniques and platforms such as WeWeb, Glide and others, companies can accelerate their digital transformation journey and individuals can launch a new business in a matter of days. If you still don't know if no-code is right for you, let's talk.  

Find the right no-code tool for your next project with our AI-powered no-code navigator!

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