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ESG scoring app for real estate

Efficient ESG scoring for real estate: from Excel to individual web app for better investment strategies in the Arminius Group
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Project period
2.5 months
Frankfurt, Germany
Company size
16 employees
Real estate
Investment management company in the commercial real estate sector

The challenge

The Arminius Group is an investment manager for the acquisition and management of sustainable commercial real estate in Germany. In order to evaluate the properties in an internal ESG scoring system, the data was previously recorded in a rather confusing and complex Excel file, which was therefore not only prone to errors, but also lacked functions in rights and user management and was also difficult to access for third parties (who usually fill in the scoring).

Our solution

In collaboration with the Arminius Group, our team developed a customized web app in which the scoring process is mapped completely digitally and can be operated by various teams and partners.

The web app's database is based on Xano, while Bubble.i o is used as the front end. The advantage of Xano as a database over the full-stack solution with Bubble. io is that Xano can be hosted on servers in Frankfurt and is also more performant and cheaper.

The main functionality of the application consists of collecting data in a comprehensive questionnaire that can store intermediate results and can be completed at a later date. The collected data is then visualized in terms of ESG scoring. The web app enables detailed views of the form, the uploading of files such as images or certificates and a simple CSV download of all recorded entries. In addition to automating data transfer, the app offers the option of importing all data into Excel for further processing.

The result

With the new web app, the evaluation of the properties in the Arminius Group's portfolio in ESG Scoring is completely digital, collaborative, efficient - and above all user-friendly. All important data is collected and updated centrally, and partners can view and independently process their projects. The application is now a central component of daily work at the Arminius Group and enables efficient processes throughout the team.

"With VisualMakers, we were able to develop an app within a few weeks that makes our scoring collaboration much easier. Many thanks for the great job, especially to Sandro with his high level of expertise - the collaboration was a lot of fun and was always efficient and goal-oriented!"
Markus Riethmüller
Head of Transactions
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