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We are your partner for no- and low-code. As experts for Bubble, Make and Webflow we help you to turn your idea into a digital product. No matter if prototype, MVP or scalable application.
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Web development with no-code

There are good reasons for product development with no-code

Lightning fast time to market

Development with No-Code is usually 10x faster than traditional development with code. Whether it's a finished product or a prototype, No-Code allows you to quickly test and validate your ideas in the marketplace.

Cost efficient development

With no-code and low-code tools, not only can we develop faster, but development costs only a third of what it would cost to develop with classic code.

Flexibility and modularity

With No-Code, the development and customization of your digital product is much more flexible. In addition, you can work with it afterwards and make changes yourself and thus remain independent of external developers.
In a few weeks

This is what we can do for you

Low- and no-code applications like Bubble.io and Xano.com allow us to develop individual software within a very short time.

Web Development

With no-code tools, we can develop web applications quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively. From internal databases to customer portals to entire SaaS applications.

Venture Building

You have an idea for a digital product? We accompany you in the technical product development and take over the implementation for you. Whether prototype, MVP or scalable application.

Process automation

Faster, more efficient and cost-effective processes thanks to automation. Our experienced experts help you optimize processes and realize potential savings.
This is what we can do for you

Our service for your innovation

Customized web solutions

From dashboards to customer portals to complex SaaS applications - with our flexible no-code tech stack we can implement (almost) any idea.

Technical support and consulting

In addition to the implementation, we also support and advise you on how to implement the solution and how you can continue working with the finished no-code solution.

Startup and innovation experience

Our team brings some startup experience and we know what it means to test quickly, work flexibly ...

Familiarization and training

To ensure that you can continue to develop and operate your applications independently of us, we attach great importance to the training and education of your team. In addition to our online courses, we train you individually on your applications.

Co-development with your team

You want to develop internally, but need support from our experts? We will gladly accompany you and your team in the development to move forward faster and more efficiently.

Official partner of Bubble, Make & co.

As an official partner of various tool providers, we have a close connection to the providers and can get the best out of them for you.
Tech stack

A selection of our tools

We work tool-agnostic and find the best tools for your project. From many different projects, however, we have built up an expertise for a tool stack with which we can implement (almost) any use case in a sustainable and scalable way.
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Bubble is a full-stack web app builder that we use to develop pixelperfect applications.
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Xano is the most powerful low-code backend currently on the market. Xano can be hosted on German servers and makes applications like Bubble DSGVO compliant.
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With the automation tool, we link different systems together and can thus automate a wide variety of processes in no time at all.
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WeWeb is a front-end builder where we can fully export the code and host it on our own servers.
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Webflow is one of the best tools for the development of marketing websites. The CMS scores especially with the infinite design and animation possibilities.
No-code vs. traditional development

In comparison

We use no-code and low-code development tools to reduce costs and increase the speed of implementation.

Traditional development

100.000 - 150.000 €
Average costs for a simple custom code MVP
Traditional time expenditure
~ 700 h à 120-150€
UX/UI Design
~ 30 h
Project implementation (front- & backend)
~ 420 h
Deployment & Testing
~ 80 h
Integration of external tools
~ 80 h
Project management & communication
~ 90 h
Important aspects
Requires dedicated software developers with strong programming skills
Extensive coding and involvement of programmers required for every change, regardless of size and complexity
Integration of external tools complex and time-consuming

No-Code Development

15.000 - 70.000 €
Average costs for your product with no-code and low-code
Time required No-Code
~ 200 h à 120-150€
UX/UI Design
~ 30 h
Project implementation (front- & backend)
~ 100 h
Deployment & Testing
~ 20 h
Integration of external tools
~ 10 h
Project management & communication
~ 40 h
Only a small and agile team of experts required
No-code tools drastically speed up implementation time and allow you to make agile and simple adjustments - even by yourself
Quick and easy integration of external tools via plugins and adapters
Case Studies

Our previous projects

Here you can find a selection of projects we have realized so far.
collage of mockupscreens of the case-study

Saas platform speeds up the certification process for solar and wind systems

collage of mockupscreens of the case-study

Digital financial management and interim CFO services: Insight into CFOxt's no-code solution

collage of mockupscreens of the case-study

ESG scoring app for real estate

collage of mockupscreens of the case-study

Intuitive time tracking with Bubble & Make with Personio & Jira integration

collage of mockupscreens of the case-study

UniGo TH Köln - a campus navigation and network app within a week with the help of No-Code

collage of mockupscreens of the case-study

90% time savings with automated customer onboarding

collage of mockupscreens of the case-study

Animated dashboard for internal key figures

The team

We are VisualMakers - with passion

Your software project is in the best hands. Together we bring all the skills to make your idea a reality in the shortest possible time.
Alexander Sprogis
Sandro Santini
Lead Developer
Thomas Lorenz
Project Manager & No-Code Developer
Luka Weingärtner
No-Code Developer
Tim Christophersen
No-Code Developer
Lilian Friedrich
UI / UX Designer & No-Code Developer
Julian Eyerer
No-Code Developer
Sergio Sánchez Rodríguez
No-Code Developer
Till Aufderheide
Head of Operations
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