With bubble.io, individual and complex web applications and mobile apps can be created without programming knowledge.
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Web apps

Bubble is one of the most popular and fastest growing no-code tools. With Bubble you create websites and web applications without writing code. Bubble covers all 3 levels of a web application: Design, logic and data. Here you have 100% control over how your application behaves and looks at all times. The drag-and-drop builder gives you absolute freedom and lets you create pixel-perfect designs. You also have full control over the different functionalities and define step by step what should happen when users interact with your application. Your app is powered by Amazon Web Services, which means you can start building your app right away. As traffic grows, you can easily upgrade capacity so that the performance of your app grows with your business.

Bubble also has other advantages that set it apart from other tools. For example, the API Connector makes it easy to connect any interface from third-party systems. For example, you want to import and process data from your project management or analytics tool? No problem. Or maybe you want to transfer data from your Bubble app to other services for further processing. This is no challenge either. You can also make an interface available for your own application. This means that other systems can transfer data to or read data from your app at any time.

In Bubble, you work with different development environments. What is common practice in software development is still relatively rare in no-code tools. In Bubble, you develop in a development environment and can then publish your current status to the production environment. This ensures that you have enough time to test new features before making them available to your users.

To extend the functionality of your Bubble application, you can download various extensions from the Bubble Plugin Marketplace and install them on your application. You can integrate various payment providers such as Stripe or Paypal or even connect AI (artificial intelligence) systems to make your app smarter.

With Bubble, countless use cases can be implemented. The most popular applications include marketplaces like Amazon, social media networks, CRM systems, project management tools, dashboards, internal applications and many more.

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Data protection

The popular question - is Bubble GDPR compliant?
What we can say is: Bubble is a product of the Bubble Group Inc. based in New York, USA. Bubble, and therefore your web application, is hosted on Amazon Web Services. Bubble offers companies the possibility to have their data hosted exclusively in Frankfurt (DE) with the help of a "Dedicated Server". At the same time, it is also possible to connect your own database systems to a Bubble application to ensure that the data is hosted in Germany. In this case, Bubble would only cover the user interface and programme logic. Suitable for this are any SQL databases like MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc., or database services like Seatable, Ninox or Xano.

For more information, see the terms and conditions and privacy policy at: https://bubble.io/privacy
Bubble offers you the option of concluding a data processing agreement. See: https://bubble.io/dpa
Source: https://bubble.io/terms

This is not legal advice. We make no claim that the information displayed is complete and accept no liability for the content. To ensure that everything is covered for your specific situation, please be sure to contact a lawyer.

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