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Bubble Fundamentals

Building custom and complex web applications, without code? Definitely a job for Bubble.
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Anyone can build complex web apps!

To the question "Is it possible with Bubble?" the answer is usually "Yes!". At least when it comes to building complex and powerful web apps - 100% without programming! Bubble is especially suitable for developing fully functional prototypes and MVPs from ideas.

Why no-code?

Why no-code?

Anyone who masters no-code can quickly, easily and cost-effectively
Turning ideas into digital products
develop and test individual products
try out new features
Automate processes and save time in the process
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The entry-level course for web app development with Bubble.

The content of the beginner course is divided into three topic blocks - so you will not only learn the technical basics to deal with Bubble, but also the concepts behind databases, workflows and more.


In the Fundamentals block, we'll not only look at the basics of Bubble, but also learn about fundamental and relevant concepts of web development. We will look at how to work with databases, conditionals, custom states and more.


The full power of No-Code is best seen when you build applications directly with it yourself. That's why most of the course is filled with tutorials and tasks that make it easy to learn the basics of Bubble.


All skills are of little use if you don't know what you can do with them. That's why we're showing you cool use cases of apps and companies that were built with and thanks to Bubble.

Your No-Code Tool

This is Bubble is one of the most powerful platforms for creating and hosting web apps - 100% without any programming knowledge. Like most no-code tools, Bubble uses drag and drop elements to make creating and managing web apps as easy and intuitive as possible for users.

Bubble is characterized by the virtually infinite possibilities to build powerful and professional web apps. Thanks to a huge plug-in library, Bubble's functionalities can be extended at will.

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This is how it works

In our free beginner course, you'll learn the basics of no-code web app development with Bubble in 13 lessons.

On-demand learning

Learn at your own pace with step-by-step instructions in text and video format.

Quizzes and certificate

If you pass all the midterms, you'll receive a certificate at the end of the course that you can embed on LinkedIn.

Practical tasks

The small tasks are practical, easy to understand and quick to implement.

Community access

In the VisualMakers Slack Community you can exchange ideas with other makers, ask questions and learn together.

Entertaining format

A mix of step-by-step instructions, videos, GIFs, and yes, memes, too, offer varied learning.

10% discount on masterclasses

You don't have enough yet and want to continue learning? As a participant in the beginner course you get 10% discount on our masterclasses.

What our participants say

More than 500 people from various fields are already learning with us.
Here you can find some customer testimonials.
I have already gained some experience in the field of no-code, but through the course I learned some new tools and approaches. Most of it was completely new even for me. The workload was super manageable, and the content was a really great start to the workday.
Fabian Seibt
For beginners? Absolutely! A really lovingly designed online course that is fun and can definitely be integrated into everyday life. Great compliments for this concept.
Frederic Bleck
Head of New Business
The course was great and just right for me. In a short time you get a lot of insights and can celebrate quick successes. The course opened up a whole new world for me and now I'm on my way to becoming a No-Code Ultra ;-)
Jan Philipp Platenius
Football Was My First Love
The course was designed super easy, even I as a career changer can easily use No-Code. Thank you for the informative and interactive mails!
Maleen Zeltner
Application Engineer
Adriano and his team understand didactically skillful and highly competent content for new challenges with demanding no-code solutions step by step! Their tutorials are kindly free of charge, but worth an enormous amount!
Carsten Henning
Full Stack Developer
Learn No-Code for free

The entry-level course for web app development with Bubble.

Sign up here and start your No-Code career. We are already excited about what you will build!

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our free fundamentals courses.
How much prior knowledge should I have?
Pretty much 0. It helps if you have some tech affinity. But we're really going to cover the topic of no-code step-by-step, explaining it easily and making it simple.
Do I have to pay anything for the tools?
No. Everything we will build is available in the free versions of the tools. All you have to do is create a free account for the respective tools.
I have registered but I do not get access
You should get a confirmation from Elopage, the platform on which VisualMakers Academy is hosted. If not, write to us at

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