Mailchimp is a platform for marketing automation and email marketing.
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Mailchimp is a platform for marketing automation and email marketing. The software can be used to create single and regular campaigns, autoresponders, A/B split tests, RSS campaigns, follow up campaigns and landing pages .

The Mailchimp interface is kept relatively simple and is therefore easy to use after a short familiarisation phase.

Mailchimp provides many templates for emails. These can be completely customised and personalised. Contact lists can be easily imported and exported.

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Here you can find some screenshots from the tool.

Data protection

The company Mailchimp is based in the USA and presumably also stores all data there. The use of Mailchimp is risky from an EU perspective after the Privacy Shield agreement was overturned.

By using Mailchimp you automatically agree to the data processing agreement, which is valid without signature. It is therefore not necessary to enter into a separate AVV with Mailchimp. "The Annex to the data processing is part of our Standard terms of use and is valid without signature. By using Mailchimp or registering for an account, you agree to these terms. Source:

Attention: If you use Mailchimp within the EU, you must activate the "double opt-in" function in your Mailchimp account in order to act in compliance with the GDPR. This is not active by default!

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