Email marketing, marketing automation and customer relationship management.

ActiveCampaign is a tool for email marketing, marketing automation and customer relationship management. Create high-quality email campaigns with dynamic content in just a few steps. You have the possibility to segment your contact list and automatically provide each individual segment with different topics.

The automation process can be easily built with just a few clicks. ActiveCampaign offers you detailed reports that contain, for example, the"open rate" or"click rate" of your emails.

You can also easily create email sign-up forms and integrate them into your website, blog or online shop.

View into the tool

Here you can find some screenshots from the tool.

Data protection

ActiveCampaign is based in the USA and presumably also stores all data there. The use of ActiveCampaign is risky from an EU perspective after the Privacy Shield agreement was overturned.

Active Campaign has taken further action following the overturned data protection agreement with the EU and published a privacy supplement.

"ActiveCampaign customers can continue to confidently use our platform in the knowledge that we have rolled out a new Data Privacy Addendum (DPA) to the ActiveCampaign Terms of Service that takes the invalidation of the Privacy Shield framework by the Court of Justice for the European Union (CJEU) into account." Source: and

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