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60 thousand euros for Impact Software! - No-Code for Impact Scholarship

Together with Digitale Optimisten, we are publishing the No-Code for Impact Scholarship worth €60,000.
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Adriano Villa Bascón
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April 11, 2024

A scholarship worth €60,000 for impact makers!

Since we founded VisualMakers in 2021, we have been pursuing a clear mission: the democratization of tech. In concrete terms, this means facilitating access to tech for more people - with no-code. 

We are convinced that no-code has the potential to revolutionize the way we work in the digital world. Not through new technology - but by making existing technology accessible. Thanks to visual design instead of traditional programming, it is possible to create your own software applications without programming knowledge - from small automations to production-ready apps. 

But despite the many advantages, many people still haven't heard of no-code. 

With the No-Code for Impact Scholarship, we want to show how easy it is today to implement smart business ideas with the help of no-code and AI - and thus do something good for our society and our planet. We firmly believe that no one should give up on their ideas just because they can't code - especially when it comes to making the world a better place.

That's why we have teamed up with the Digitale Optimisten team, THE platform for founders and innovative business ideas in DACH par excellence. Together, we are awarding this scholarship to promote ideas that make a real difference.

What is the No-Code for Impact Scholarship?

With the No-Code for Impact grant, we support a digital project that brings about significant positive change in the environment, society or the economy. 

The scholarship is divided into several phases: 

First, we define the scope of the application that we want to develop together. Based on this, our team of experts at VisualMakers develops the minimum viable product (MVP) of your application using no- and low-code tools. Regardless of whether a prototype already exists or whether your idea is still in its infancy, our goal is to bring your idea to life using no-code technology. After a working MVP is completed, our team will support you for a full year - acting as your personal sparring partner. Not only that - during the first year, access to all the tools we develop with is completely free. On top of that, you get access to various courses from VisualMakers and Digital Optimists to further develop your no-code skills.

The whole thing happens under the motto "Build in Public". Build in Public is a concept from the indie hacker scene in which every step of development is publicly documented. From fuck-ups to big successes - we accompany the development of your project on the VisualMakers and Digital Optimists channels and show how quickly you can use no-code to realize ideas that actually make a difference. 

Who can apply?

All people, companies and organizations with an idea can apply. Whether an individual, NGO, start-up or association - the main thing is that the idea contributes to one of the 17 sustainability goals. We look at every idea. 

What conditions must your project fulfill in order to be eligible to participate?

1. the idea contributes to at least one sustainability goal

The most important criterion is that your idea contributes to at least one of the UN's 17th Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The Sustainable Development Goals are a call from the United Nations to fight poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people can enjoy peace and prosperity. 

You can find out what the 17 SDGs are here.

Projects applying for the grant must use a software idea to tackle at least one challenge that falls under the 17 SDGs. 

‍Attention: Your idea must have a direct influence on the desired impact and it must also be clearly recognizable how this influence comes about. 

Here is an example: An app that helps to distribute food better by helping to coordinate it has a direct impact. 

An app that only helps the team to structure their projects and to-do's, on the other hand, is not an option. 

2. build in public

Build in Public means that the development of your application is publicly documented. This will be in the form of regular updates on the status of the app, but also possible challenges and anything else that is relevant. 

In doing so, we are pursuing two goals: 

  1. We want to help your project achieve greater reach and thus contribute to its success.
  2. We want as many people as possible to see the possibilities that no-code offers. It's about communicating what no-code is and what can be achieved with it in the shortest possible time. 

Of course, confidential information is also treated as such and is not part of the public documentation.

3. the software is implemented with no-code

We wouldn't be us if we didn't develop your idea with no-code. With WeWeb, Xano and Make, we have strong tool partners at our side on which we can develop a production-ready solution that is even scalable. Of course, we will train you on the relevant tools during the course of the project so that you can develop further independently later on. 

Who are VisualMakers and Digital Optimists?

VisualMakers is a no-code agency, learning platform and online community from Cologne. We have made it our goal to make technology accessible - with no-code. In a mixture of on-demand courses, individual software development and personal coaching, we show that anyone is capable of building their own apps, websites, process automation and much more. All without having to write a single line of code - let alone being a programmer. 

Digitale Optimisten is a platform and online community for founders looking for smart business ideas. Over 12,000 people are already part of it and therefore have access to a database with thousands of business ideas that you can - as they themselves say - steal! New start-up ideas from successful founders and investors are added on a weekly basis, from which you can help yourself. There is also the Digitale Optimisten podcast, which is one of the top 10 German business podcasts, as well as a weekly newsletter.

Let's realize your idea of a better world!

a better place, then the No-Code for Impact scholarship is just right for you. 

The application phase runs until May 31, 2024 and we will then decide on a project together with our partners and announce it shortly afterwards. The software will be implemented in June/July 2024.

→Click here for the application form.

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