Become a Maker yourself.

In our No-Code Academy you learn to build your own web applications, internal tools, automations and much more with No-Code. Without any programming knowledge.
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Free Fundamentals

Your introduction to No-Code

With our free Fundamentals courses, you'll learn the basics of the most important tools in just a few days. Whether it's app development, databases or automation - there's something for everyone.

No-Code Fundamentals

Our free course introduces you to the world of no-code development in an easy-to-understand, entertaining and step-by-step manner.
700+ participants

Ninox Fundamentals

In our free online course you will learn how to create the right database for your business with Ninox and how to map all your business processes without having to program.
200+ participants

Make Fundamentals

Automations, easier than ever before! Connect thousands of apps, share data and save time and money.
100+ participants

Bubble Fundamentals

Building custom and complex web applications, without code? Definitely a job for Bubble.
100+ participants

Become a no-code pro

Go one step further and master the most important no-code tools. All our No-Code Masterclasses are 100% on-demand and are packed with useful knowledge, assignments and materials.

Bubble Masterclass

Learn to create web applications without programming
150+ participants Masterclass

Learn to digitize and automate processes
200+ participants

Webflow Masterclass

Learn to develop stunning websites with no prior experience and no code.
400+ participants

Shopify Masterclass

Your own successful online store - without any code.
50+ participants

Figma Masterclass

Learn to design apps and websites

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