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Can you build entire app prototypes in just a few minutes? Yup, you can. With Figma. The design tool not only allows you to create beautiful graphics, but also to design websites, visualize user flows and so much more!

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For whom is the course suitable?

Start-ups & Small Businesses

Figma offers an outstanding solution for creating designs, wireframes and even prototypes quickly and easily. For young founders and small companies, it is a quick and cost-effective way to visualize ideas and test what customers like.

From sole proprietorship to corporate group

Figma scales with every business. Companies can grow with Figma without hesitation and host entire design teams in it. Figma is collaborative and adapts perfectly to different needs. You can hardly get a prototype that looks good faster than with Figma.

In this masterclass, you will learn about the most important functions of Figma. Whether you're a designer who wants to understand the technical basics or a product manager who wants to start building prototypes. Our trainer Matthias will guide you every step of the way.

Contents of the online course

This is what you will learn

First steps with Figma
Create an account and find your way around the tool

Basics of Figma
‍Designing buttons
, designing cards, getting to know tools

Design systems in Figma
What are they? What is Atomic Design? How do I create dynamic buttons?

Understanding and applying responsive design
Flexbox & Boxmodel, Autolayout, Responsive Websites

Create and manage components
What is it? Global vs. local components

Prototyping and animations
Create animations & prototypes

Dashboard mockup
How you learn with us
The VisualMakers Academy
Our mission is to simplify access to tech. That's why all of our courses follow the principles that make learning as easy as possible for you.

Practical examples

All examples in our masterclass are real use cases from our experience. So you have a direct reference to the learning content and can implement it directly in your own company.

Lifetime access

Once access, always access. When you buy one of our courses, you get lifetime access to it - including all future updates.

4k video recording

Not only the inner values of our courses are important to us, but in this case also the outer - we want to offer you the highest quality so that you can learn in the best possible way.

Practical additional material

In addition to the extensive video material, our courses include practical additional resources such as templates, e-books and lists such as useful APIs.

Community of more than 600 makers

At VisualMakers, we're all about community. Get support from other Masterclass graduates, exchange ideas and learn with and from each other.


After successful completion of the Masterclass we will certify you as a No-Code Maker. With this you can show your future customers or employers that you really know your stuff.

What our participants say

More than 300 participants from various fields are already learning with us. We are super proud of the great feedback - let us inspire you:
The masterclass is really great! Alex is great at taking away the fear of Bubble in a sympathetic way. By participating in the masterclass I finally got the basic knowledge and skills to be able to implement my first bubble projects on my own.
Startup program Manager
The Make Masterclass was a perfect start to get familiar with and thus have the basis to simplify your own everyday life with scenarios.
Lena Simma
Head of projects
The Make Masterclass gave me a deep insight into the functions of Make. In addition, the content was easy to understand, interactive and friendly, so that you learned all by yourself.
Fabian Seibt
Three VisualMakers Trainer

If you don't like the course, you can email us within the first 14 days of purchase and we will 100% refund your money. No nasty questions asked. Promise!

Matthias Mentenich
Your trainers
Matthias Mentenich
Matthias Mentenich

Matthias, an accomplished web and UI/UX designer, impresses with his passion and expertise in digital design. His career is characterized by numerous successful projects realized with Figma. Matthias' talent lies in transforming complex design challenges into user-oriented and visually appealing solutions, always using Figma as his main tool.

In the course, Matthias gives insight into his experiences, shares best practices and creative techniques to effectively use Figma for design projects. It aims to empower learners of all levels to expand their design skills and take full advantage of Figma's comprehensive features.

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Frequently asked questions about the course

Further questions? Just write to us at
Why should I learn Figma?
Figma is one of the leading platforms for UI/UX design and offers designers and teams a comprehensive, cloud-based solution for creating user interfaces. Figma enables simple but effective collaboration and design development. Figma offers a variety of tools and features that allow design prototypes to be created, tested and iterated. By using Figma, teams can collaborate in real time, seamlessly integrate feedback and build consistent design systems. Learning Figma can therefore be crucial to working more efficiently and effectively as a designer or developer and to creating modern, engaging products. Figma is therefore an essential skill for anyone working in digital design and product development.
Can I test the Masterclass for free?
All of our masterclasses (except the Webflow masterclasses )are free to try out - we have unlocked selected lessons for you to look into before you decide.
Why should I learn VisualMakers?
We have gained a lot of experience with VisualMakers in working with various customers and can pass on our concentrated knowledge and experience to you. Then you don't need to make our mistakes anymore ;)
What is the advantage of Figma over Adobe Illustrator or InDesign?

Figma has established itself as a preferred choice for UI/UX design, especially when compared to traditional programs such as Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, which were originally developed for print and graphic design. Figma is a platform specifically designed for digital projects, providing a seamless, cloud-based environment for collaboration. Teams can work on the same project in real time, which significantly speeds up the design process and improves communication.

While Adobe Illustrator and InDesign offer powerful tools for detailed graphic creation and layout design, Figma stands out for its ease of use and functionality in the digital space. Figma makes it possible to quickly create and share interactive prototypes, which is essential for modern web and app development. The platform integrates design and prototyping into a single application, avoiding complicated transitions between different tools.

In addition, Figma offers an extensive library of plugins and an open API that allows personalization and extension of functionalities, adapted to specific needs and workflows. This is in contrast to the often isolated workflows associated with programs such as Illustrator and InDesign, where files need to be saved locally and updated manually.

Therefore, learning Figma is a smart choice for anyone looking to specialize in digital design and user experience, as it was designed specifically for these needs and offers a direct response to the dynamic needs of the modern digital landscape.

How do I get the certification?
You will receive certification upon successful completion of the Masterclass. This includes the successful completion of each module with the corresponding exam questions and the successful passing of the final exam. Your certificate is personalized, numbered and will be emailed to you immediately upon passing.

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