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Make (Integromat) Masterclass

Learn how to use Make (Integromat) to link the tools you use every day and automate tasks and workflows. This saves you time and frees you up for the important things! No previous knowledge necessary!

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Become a Make (Integromat) professional

Automation with iPaas Tools is the future in any modern business. Automating processes and integrating systems with each other not only saves time and money, but also opens the doors to entirely new possibilities.

Whether you're a freelancer, a start-up or a corporation, expertise in no-code automation is becoming an increasingly sought-after skillset. Learn to automate, integrate and get the full potential out of your automations with Make (Integromat).

Automate and integrate without prior knowledge

Make (Integromat) makes automated data exchange between your tools a breeze. Whether you want to automate a simple copy-and-paste task or digitally map a complex workflow. With Make, you need neither programming knowledge nor a technical background.

We practice what we preach

Make is our daily tool. Whether for internal or customer processes. Together with wemakefuture as one of the leading cloud automation agencies in Germany, we know the business practice and know where Make best ignites potential.

Become a recognised expert

The potential of Make is huge, as is the need for experts. To underpin your skills after completing the masterclass, you will receive a certificate from us confirming your expertise.

Who is the Masterclass suitable for?


The efficient use of Make (Integromat) can contribute significantly to your success: you are faster, more productive, more precise, more focused, more professional - and your processes remain flexible and agile. Every start-up should have at least one automation expert in the team - it will boost your business.

Team Leads & Innovators

Whether marketing, HR, product or accounting - there is huge automation potential in every department. Ideally, every single department should have an automation expert.


Automation of processes is not only worthwhile for internal processes - your customers also benefit significantly from iPaas automation. With this additional skillset you can raise your portfolio to a new level.

What our participants say

"The Make Masterclass gave me a deep insight into the functions of Make. In addition, the content was easy to understand, interactive and personable, so you learned all by yourself."


Founder of Loggify

"I had no previous knowledge and I don't know how to program at all. With the help of the Masterclass, I can already automate many of my work processes after the first chapters."


Entreprenuer In Residence

"The Make Masterclass was a perfect introduction to get familiar with and thus have the basis to simplify your own everyday life with scenarios."


Project Manager at Wemakefuture

What you learn

  • the implementation and maintenance of efficient, automated workflows with Make (Integromat)
  • exploit the full potential of Make's range of functions
  • Understand and apply iPaas Automation as a concept
  • implement use cases for business automation using practical, everyday examples
  • Identify automation potentials for your company

How you learn

  • 3 modules with 5-10 lessons each
    - Basics
    - Intermediate
    - Advanced
  • 1 additional module (fee required) Developer tools in Make
  • Knowledge test after each module
  • Final project
  • digital certificate as Make Master from VisualMakers after successful completion of the Masterclass
  • Regular Open Office Hours
  • 30 min 1-on-1 with a Make Expert:in from the VisualMakers team
  • 4k Video Content


No previous technical knowledge is required. Just your motivation to take your automation skills to the next level - and have fun doing it 😊


Approx. 10 hours. You learn at your own pace.


The VisualMakers Learning Pillars

Our masterclasses follow certain principles and values. All lessons are designed without fuss and unnecessary information. Your time is important!


All lessons build on each other and are interconnected in the modules. This way you learn step by step and can directly apply what you have already learned.


All examples in our masterclass are real use cases from our experience, so you have a direct connection to the learning content and can implement it directly in your own company.


At VisualMakers, we're all about community. Get support from other Masterclass graduates, exchange ideas and learn with and from each other.


After successfully completing the Masterclass, we will certify you as a Make Master by VisualMakers. With this you can show your future customers or employers that you really know your field.

All modules

All lessons build on each other and are interconnected in the modules. This way you learn step by step and can directly apply what you have already learned.


Welcome! (3:35 Min)
Setup & Requirements (Text)

Module 1 - Basics

1.1 - Short introduction (2:23 Min)
1.2 - Introduction to iPaaS - Automation (3:33 Min)
1.3 - The Workspace of Make (31:01)
1.4 - Operations and Pricing in Make (9:37 Min)
1.5 - Trigger, the starting point of every workflow (13:12 Min)
1.5.1 - Setting up your own trigger (text)
1.6 - The concept of scenarios (9:35 min)
1.7 - Routers & filters (20:45 min)
1.7.1 - Setting up your own scenario (text)
1.8 - Variables (13:56 min)

Module 2 - Databases and External Systems

2.1 - Module overview (2:23 min)
2.2 - Webhooks (11:56 min)
2.2.1 - Set up your own trigger (text)
2.3 - Use Airtable as a database (4:43 min)
2.3.1 - Connect the Webhook to your Airtable CRM (text)
2.4 - Link Google Sheets to Make (9:07 min)
2.4.1 - Connect Make to Google Sheets (text)
2.5 - Data Stores in Make (10:11 min)
2.5.1 - Create your own database in Make (text)
2.6 - The HTTP module (10:52 min)
2.6.1 - Send your own request with the HTTP module (text)
2.7 - Basic functions and tools (12:47 min)
2.7.1 - Use functions and tools in Make (text)
2.8 - Test scenarios (5:59 min)
2.8.1 - Set up your own test system (text)

Module 3 - APIs and Error Handling

3.2 - Introduction to APIs (4:28 min)
3.3.1 - Objects, Arrays, Strings & Co. (7:44 min)
3.3.2 - Arrays (9:03 min)
3.3.3 - Objects (9:19 min)
3.4 - Iteration & Aggregation (6:26 Min)
3.4.1 - Store Data from an Array in Airtable (Text)
3.5.1 - JSON + Deepening (7:08 Min)
3.5.2 - What is JSON? (5:34 Min)
3.5.3 - Practical examples with JSON (6:28 Min)
3.5.4 - Create your own JSON file (Text)
3.6.1 - XML (6:36 Min)
3.6.2 - Parsing JSON and XML (5:36 Min)
3.6.3 - Digression: JSON vs. XML (5:09 min)
3.7.1 - Formatting and parsing dates, times & time zones (9:01 min)
3.7.2 - How do I use date formats? (9:58 min)
3.7.3 - Practical examples with date formats (4:12 min)
3.7.4 - Building a double optin process with reminders (4:45 min)
3.7.5 - Automate your sales process! (Text)
3.8 - Basic Error Handling (1:06 Min)
3.9.1 - Practical Tools in Make (8:44 Min)
3.9.2 - Creating a CSV File (3:41 Min)
3.9.3 - Creating Your Own CSV File with Make (Text)
3.1 - Module Overview (1:12 Min)


Wording - terms for Make and iPaaS
Blueprints for all scenarios from the Masterclass
Useful APIs for your (business) everyday life

Add-on module: Module 4 - Developer Tools in Make

4.1 - Module overview (1:03 min)
4.2.1 - Functions 2.0 (5:23 min)
4.2.2 - Practical examples with functions (6:39 min)
4.2.3 - Replace line breaks with functions (text)
4.3.1 - Webook Response & Mailhook (9:44 min)
4.3.2 - Practical Example Webhook Response (2:37 Min)
4.3.3 - Practical Example Subscenario (8:47 Min)
4.3.4 - Create an Overall Sub-Scenario (Text)
4.5.2 - API Authentication (10:44 Min)
4.4 - Error Handling 2.0 (16:18 Min)
4.5.1 - HTTP Module 2.0 - Introduction (3:48 Min)
4.5.3 - OAuth (6:25 Min)
4.5.4 - API Auth Practical Example (3:40 Min)
4.6 - Dev Tool (5:35 Min)
4.7.2 - REGEX Practical Example (4:53 Min)
4.7.1 - REGEX #101 (8:49 Min)
4.8.1 - Naming Convention -Standard (8:21 Min)
4.8.2 - Naming Convention - Advanced (6:34 Min)
4.8.3 - Naming Convention - Webhooks (8:01 Min)

Add-on module: Module 5 - Custom Apps

The module will be available shortly.


Do you still have questions or are you unsure whether the Make Masterclass is right for you? Then you'll find some answers here.

Why should I learn make?

Make can be used in a super flexible way - and is therefore suitable for entrepreneurs, start-ups, but also high up to corporate level. It flexibly adapts to your requirements and scales with your business.

Make is easy to learn and can therefore be used by many people in your business. Make also offers the functions and stability for complex scenarios and many data streams - so with Make you don't have to run the risk of it not scaling with your business.

Why should I learn with VisualMakers?

We have gained a lot of experience with VisualMakers and wemakefuture in working with various clients and can pass on our concentrated knowledge and experience to you. Then you don't need to make our mistakes anymore ;)

Is Make compliant with the GDPR?

First of all, a short disclaimer, as this is in no way legal advice. Please contact an expert who can assess your individual case.

What we can say is: Make is a product of Celonis SE, based in Munich, Germany.
Make also offers EU hosting. You can find everything else in the terms and conditions and privacy policy at:

What will the Make Masterclass cost?

Your investment for the Make Masterclass is 399 € excl.
In addition to the comprehensive video material , the Masterclass includes practical examples and use cases, templates, a certification, a 1-on-1 session with a Make expert from the VisualMakers team, access to our regular Open Office Hours and a 12-month membership worth $199. Secret Unlimited Membership 12-month subscription worth $199, with access to various unbeatable software deals.

Will there be discounts for freelancers or entrepreneurs?

We know that Make offers incredible value for freelancers and entrepreneurs. And we also know from our own experience that larger investments are often not possible, especially at the beginning of self-employment. That's why we want to offer you the opportunity to attend the Make Masterclass at a reduced price exclusively for you. For this purpose, there will be an application procedure in which you can participate. You will find out more about this shortly.

How do I get the certification?

You will receive certification upon successful completion of the Masterclass. This includes the successful completion of each module with the corresponding exam questions and the successful passing of the final exam. Your certificate is personalised, numbered and will be emailed to you immediately after passing. You will also receive a small surprise by post if you wish. :)

You have further questions?

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One-off payment
399 €

Includes unlimited access and all future updates.

Team Bundle
On request

You want to train a whole team to become make experts? Then we can also offer you our masterclasses at a package price.

All prices are net (excl. 19% VAT)

Additional modules

Developer tools in Make
119 €
250 €

Learn advanced features: Webhook Responses, advanced API authentication, using REGEX, debugging and monitoring in the Make Dev Tool - in this module you will learn to use the full potential of Make.

Custom Apps
119 €

Learn to build your own apps in Make - creating frontends for any API. This will make working with your API even easier for external users and colleagues.

All prices are net (excl. 19% VAT)

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