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Build e-commerce store with VisualMakers Shopify Masterclass

Your own successful online store - without any code. The Shopify Masterclass makes you a Shopify expert.
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Adriano Villa Bascón
Created on
September 11, 2023

The next VisualMakers No-Code Masterclass is finally here

Shopify - E-commerce store build, 100% with no-code

Shopify is a simple and practical way to set up an online store as an individual or business - 100% without programming. But the features include much more than a simple store and checkout. 

Shopify helps you:

  • in the creation of landing pages and SEO optimization
  • setting up and monitoring your sales and other key figures
  • through integrations of hundreds of other apps
  • setting up and hosting your domain
  • by providing a point of sale solution
  • in international sales, whether B2B or B2C
  • by linking many different payment methods
  • in the creation of advertising and social media marketing
  • through its own e-mail marketing tool
  • in inventory and order management

and all without having to leave the app. 

According to Shopify itself, their millions of customers have already collectively turned over 650 billion thanks to the platform! And that in 175 countries and 21 different languages. 

Why the Masterclass?

At VisualMakers, at our core, we're about democratizing tech and access to it. That is, we want to make more tech accessible to more people. With the Shopify Masterclass, we cover a third important area besides process automation (Make Masterclass) and building web apps (Bubble Masterclass): e-commerce. 

Thanks to no-code e-commerce tools like Shopify and Co., great products and good business ideas no longer have to fail at the threshold of technology. But even though it's free and easy to get started with Shopify, it takes a lot more to get the most out of Shopify's concentrated power. That's why the Masterclass.   

Your trainer

Our Shopify trainer in this masterclass is Adrian Piegsa. Adrian, founder and CEO of tante-e, is a passionate and experienced Shopify expert. He has already worked with international brands like Heineken or Tokio Hotel and emerging startups like Pinq Ponq, Ooia and 3bears and loves to share his knowledge. 

The contents

In 5 chapters and over 50 lessons, Adrian teaches you everything you need to know to become a Shopify expert yourself. The content includes:

1. the Shopify Basics: How do you set up your store and how do you quickly find your way around?

2. your Shopify Strorefront: How do you work with themes? How does the editor work? How do you create additional pages and blogposts?

The Shopify back-end: How do you create products and collections? How do you store payment providers, shipping options, and taxes?

4. run your store on a day-to-day basis: How do you process orders? What about exchanges and cancellations? How do you set up your analytics correctly?

5. ready to go: how to set up your store live

Learn Shopify with our Masterclass - e-commerce has never been easier.

Shopify puts the tools in your hands that huge brands like Tesla, Netflix, Gymshark, Red Bull or Sephora work with. So big impact is possible even without a big developer team. No-Code makes it possible.

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