Past webinars

November 17, 2021

How to automate your Order To Cash process

There is one process that is essential for EVERY company: the order to cash process, or O2C for short. And if it doesn't work, companies lose triple-digit budgets every year.
To make your O2C run as smoothly as possible, Alexander Seggerman from Workato shows you how to automate it. Not only does this help you avoid manual errors and bottlenecks, it also speeds up your order entry, improves your user experience and breaks down data silos.

We will show you how to link your accounting system with other apps you use for the O2C process, such as your CRM, and how Workato can automatically synchronise your sales and financial data. This will greatly speed up the time it takes to complete your order to fulfilment - and your customers will go through a smoother buying process and you will be able to offer a better user experience.

Lead Tracking Guide | Measuring Lead Generation Success

If I could only solve one problem for all founders and marketers, it would be this: Knowing exactly how much revenue you make from your leads compared to the cost per acquisition. I don't care if it's B2B or B2C, because if we knew that, we'd see where we're making profits and losses. What's stopping you from confidently investing €1000 per day, week or month in lead generation at the moment is that you don't know if you're wasting your money. Clarity is power and a good tracking setup can give us just that. That's why we've created this "Lead Tracking Guide".

What you'll learn:
1. Track your leads from cost per acquisition to customer lifetime value.
2. Set up your tracking tools like Google Tag Manager and your CRM for lead tracking.
3. Create your weekly report with a clear action indicator based on our template.

You can download the slides at any time under the following link:

July 14, 2021

Mobile app development with NoCode

With NoCode app builders, you can quickly build custom apps that you can then upload to the App Store or Google Play Store.

If you think that you can only create limited apps with NoCode, you'll be proven wrong in our webinar. Alex gives you an overview of the best app builders and shows you how you can create apps with Appgyver that are in no way inferior to classically developed apps (with self-written code).

June 30, 2021

Automated KPI tracking

Although each project needs its own individual automations, there are a few that are always useful: whether it's e-commerce, event registrations or marketing campaigns.

In the webinar we will go through several of these and show how you can create an account sheet in Google Sheets or Excel from various sources such as Hubspot or Pipedrive, and then in turn send this data as a Stats Bot in Slack as a message.

The webinar is suitable for all levels - however, we recommend that anyone who has never worked with Integromat before takes our beginner's course in Integromat.

June 16, 2021

VisualMakers Webinar - Prototyping with NoCode

You want to test a product idea? Then NoCode is the perfect way to develop a digital prototype within one day. In this webinar, we'll show you tools that you can use to develop mobile apps, web apps and websites. And you can do it without any previous knowledge. Instead of just building a clickdummy with no underlying functionality, NoCode tools allow you to develop a fully functional product in the same time.

May 12, 2021

Sales Automation

In sales, you should talk to your potential customers as much as possible. But organisational tasks such as maintaining CRM, following up on phone calls, writing invoices, sending contracts, (...) eat up a lot of your time? We got ya😉

Sebastian Mertens is the founder and CEO of wemakefuture, a cloud automation agency - and an absolute pro when it comes to automation with NoCode. In the webinar, he uses concrete examples to show how sales and distribution processes can be easily automated with NoCode.

April 29, 2021

Social Media Automation

Lilith shows you how we at VisualMakers plan and automate our social media campaigns. We use Airtable as a content planner and Integromat as an automation tool to post on Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

There are a few things to keep in mind and we share and tricks and tips to avoid any embarrassing incidents with automated postings.