We are VisualMakers

We have made it our mission to democratise tech and give everyone the ability to build products on their own. We want to show that tech is fun and you don't have to be afraid of complicated source code anymore. No-Code is both the perfect introduction for those who don't want to learn programming and for those who do.


From actress to No-Code automation expert. No-Code opened my way into the tech world - and I would like to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject with VisualMakers.


From programmer to low/no-code developer. That's probably the best way to describe my career so far. Software fascinates me, and with these tools, implementation is all the more efficient.

Content Creator

When I had ideas for apps or the like in the past, I always shied away from making something out of them because I couldn't code. But I was simply never aware of the possibilities that exist thanks to no-code.

Technical Product Manager

From business student to no-code enthusiast. Working with some startups during my studies, I came across some of the no-code tools that I later used to develop a startup myself. Since then, my enthusiasm for the fast and easy development of projects with no-code doesn't let up.