Build apps for all platforms including mobile, desktop, browser, TV and more.

With Composer Pro, the NoCode Editor from Appgyver, native mobile, desktop, web and TV apps can be created. More than 500 components are available in the editor, which can be dragged and dropped into the view canvas. The components can be visually adjusted down to the last detail using the sophisticated properties window. Functions can be implemented via the visual flow functions editor or via form functions. In addition to its own data storage for hobby projects or test environments, Appgyver provides a REST API integration to connect third-party databases. Finished apps can be published in the Apple or Google App Store with a few clicks. Use is free for private individuals and companies with an annual profit or funding of less than 10 million dollars.

View into the tool

Here you can find some screenshots from the tool.

Data protection

AppGyver Inc. is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and is part of the SAP organisation. Appgyver uses Amazon Web Services to provide its web and app services. Appgyver claims to be fully compliant with the GDPR.


Other services that Appgyver uses:

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