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BUDDY brings individualised neurocentric training to your smartphone. Data-based algorithms calculate the best drills for your personal neurocentric profile every week.

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Neurocentric training is a training method that can eliminate pain & movement problems in the shortest possible time. With BUDDY we bring neurocentric training to the smartphone.

Users can create a neurocentric profile via the app and then receive individualised neurodrills. They can immediately check the effectiveness of the drills themselves and only have the exercises in the plan that really work.

For the setup we had to use some tricks to match the form input in Webflow with our users. At signup, we create a WebflowUserID in Memberstack that references the WebflowUserItem (CMS). In Airtable we then match the data by pulling the ID from the cookies & searching for this ID in our database.

I have made a few posts on the topic on my LinkedIn profile: - feel free to get in touch with any questions!

We are testing the functionality and comprehensibility of HAYV BUDDY with this prototype. The product is aimed at all people who have pain / movement problems or simply want to become more efficient. If you are interested in the prototype, simply register here:


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