The marketplace for automation apps for all common automation platforms such as Zapier, Integromat or n8n. Automation enthusiasts can buy and sell apps they have built themselves and thus integrate their processes even more comprehensively.

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Automation platforms such as Zapier, Integromat or n8n are currently experiencing a huge boom. There, different apps and software can be connected and integrated with each other. However, it is particularly important that the app used is also supported. The key to this is the API interface of a software.

But what if a used app is not supported in a project and I as an agency or freelancer:in depend on its connection?

The platforms make it possible to develop your own apps. This is not at all unusual in the community. Instead of waiting a long time for the providers to develop, the developers become active themselves and expand the platform without anyone else knowing about it. At the same time, many parallel universes are created.

Time to bring them together again! With the Appmarket.Space, we offer a platform for all automation enthusiasts who would like to offer and resell their self-developed app or ask for a very specific app, such as JavaScript code.

For this, we built a website with Webflow, the apps' database is based on Airtable, authentication and login run via Outseta, and everything is connected thanks to Integromat.

The authorisation of the apps and their quality control works thanks to MongoDB, which was enriched with JavaScript and thus does not necessarily correspond to the low code and no code idea. We will therefore leave this logic aside here.


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