Advancing the NoCode Revolution Together

We believe that everyone can turn their ideas into digital products today and together with our partners we make this possible. To make sure you reach the right target group and the potential of your applications becomes visible through practical examples, there is our partner programme.  


How our partners benefit

Our partners develop technology and software that brings more businesses online, enables new types of businesses and helps them operate more effectively. We have developed a programme to increase the impact and reach of our partners.

Brand awareness

Use the reach of VisualMakers to draw attention to your application. In addition to a detailed partner profile on our platform, we regularly feature you on our channels and explain your application to the DACH market with practical examples.

Content & Target Groups Engagement

On our platform, our users will find tutorials on your applications - explained step-by-step in German. In addition to introductions to your tool, we show practical examples of how you can use your application in conjunction with other tools in everyday business - and thus build better products and processes.

Community Support

We relieve your first-level support by offering our community direct support through our platform. Whether it's user questions or working out a workflow in combination with other tools - we support each other and can also provide you with direct insights into how our users use your tools.

Onboarding of teams and companies

You would like to explain more to your users how to use your platform properly, but can't find the time? We'll do it for you. Whether it's remote onboarding, workshops on implementing your tool in a company - we do the work for you.


Workato's vision is that all employees in companies can build automations with the help of low-code platforms. The initiative of VisualMakers to integrate low-code applications into the everyday life of companies makes a great contribution to the establishment of these tools. We are therefore very pleased about the joint partnership and to jointly promote this vision in the German-speaking region.

SVP of Business Development and Strategy @ WORKATO

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