Synchronise Airtable with Rows



Different teams work with different tools - and keeping all data synchronised in all systems can often be a real challenge 😰

iPaas tools can help with data synchronisation - of course, it's even easier if an automatic import function is built directly into your target tool.

This is the case with Rows: you can integrate many different data sources - and we tried the whole thing with Airtable.

Rows has many different and super helpful templates with integrations like Slack, Twitter, SendGrid, Gmail, Facebook, etc. It's definitely worth clicking through!


- Set up Rows Template - Link Airtable Base - Synchronise data


In this tutorial we will work with the tools listed below. Click on the respective icon to learn more about the application.

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In this section we provide you with templates, automation blueprints and other content for download that will be used in this course.

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