Own CRM with Airtable

CRM system


Still looking for a CRM system that suits your business? Do it yourself😈

Many use Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Active Campaign etc. as a mailing tool, but need other or more functions to map an entire customer journey. With Airtable you can easily build a CRM that fits your needs.

It's also great for personal contacts or an internal CRM for employees!

And, if you want to use a German tool, you can of course also build the whole thing with Seatable - you can also use this course for Seatable as a tutorial, the functionality is the same.


  • Create Airtable Base
  • Create tables for contacts, companies and interactions
  • Linking records in tables
  • Create deal pipeline for Sales CRM
  • Templates from Airtable


In this tutorial we will work with the tools listed below. Click on the respective icon to learn more about the application.

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In this section we provide you with templates, automation blueprints and other content for download that will be used in this course.