Introduction to Appgyver

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Composer Pro uses many principles known from programming, such as variables, bindings, functions or objects. In this course series, we want to explain these principles to you in an understandable way using examples. In the first step, we will go through all areas of the user interface of Composer Pro, so that you get an insight into the different functionalities. We will then go into what variables are and show you how to represent them in your app using bindings. We will also show you how to implement functions in your app. You have the option of representing functions via the visual flow functions editor or via the form functions editor. You will find more information on this in the respective chapters of the course. This course will be continuously expanded.


  • Getting to know the Composer Pro interface
  • Creation of variables
  • Creating bindings
  • Creating functions in the Flow Functions Editor
  • Creating functions via the Form Functions Editor


In this tutorial we will work with the tools listed below. Click on the respective icon to learn more about the application.

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In this section we provide you with templates, automation blueprints and other content for download that will be used in this course.