To-Do List App with Glide

Mobile app


We start by creating our Glide account. Then we lay the foundation for our app: the underlying database in the form of a Google Spreadsheet. We fill it with test data and then import it into a new Glide project. There we define the layout of our app and test the whole thing in the browser as well as on the smartphone.


- Account facility in Glide

- Using Spreadsheets as a database for your app

- Import Spreadsheet into Glide

- Get to know the Glide surface

- Make various settings for your app.

- Test the app in the browser and on the smartphone.


In this tutorial we will work with the tools listed below. Click on the respective icon to learn more about the application.

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In this section we provide you with templates, automation blueprints and other content for download that will be used in this course.

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