Menopause & No-Code - How femfeel supports women in menopause







What inspired you to get involved with No-Code?

With femfeel, we accompany women through their menopause. Part of it is an app that helps women form healthy habits for this phase. No-code tools are the perfect way for us to quickly prototype and test our ideas. We developed the current version of our app purely with no-code tools.

How has working with No-Code influenced you?

Of course, you always think to yourself: I could solve this better/ more beautifully/ more extensively with real code. But for our MVP, No-Code took us away from exactly that: we concentrated on the essentials. We built exactly the one function that was important for the first prototype.

What have you developed with No-Code?

We started with a small app in Glide - but in this version we still had a lot of manual effort. We then built a new version of the app with a combination of Webflow, Airtable, Memberstack, Zapier and Integromat. By automating many workflows, we can now onboard many more users in this version. All in all, it is hard to imagine our daily work without No-Code. There is a no-code tool somewhere in almost all our processes.

Do you have a tip for all those who are just starting with No-Code?

There are numerous tutorials that are absolutely worthwhile! Both some YouTube tutorials and, for example, the University of Webflow. And of course: Ask in the VisualMakers Slack, there is almost always someone who has faced the same problem before!