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What inspired you to get involved with No-Code?

It was the pressure to create a fast and working solution. Before I got involved with No-Code, I had to work through many processes manually. That was simply the easiest way to start with HalloPodcaster at the time. But was not sustainable for long. But it showed us that our idea had potential.

How has working with No-Code influenced you?

With NoCode I felt what it means to create something. Sure, I have created many websites and with Analytics you can see that it is being used. But with a web platform like HalloPodcaster it was something else again. Users use the platform and actually work with it. Knowing the processes behind it and seeing how it all works in a very short time makes me incredibly proud.

What have you developed with No-Code?

HalloPodcaster was created entirely out of No-Code Tools. It is a platform on which we bring together podcasters and interview guests. A podcast brokerage platform for interviews, so to speak. The start was just a classic website with Chimpify. And when the manual processes became too big, No-Code came into play. To date, it has scaled up to almost 1500 members with little effort. And the journey continues!

Do you have a tip for all those who are just starting with No-Code?

Even with no-code, you don't reinvent the wheel. By that I mean look at what others have done and think about your own use cases. Your own positioning and then start implementing something. If you have questions, there are so many good communities, both in English and German.