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Founder & CEO



What inspired you to get involved with No-Code?

Our software developer unexpectedly left the team 2 weeks before our official launch, so that we suddenly found ourselves without our platform after a year of development. The solution was completely self-coded and, contrary to the agreements, there was no documentation, which is why no one could have done anything with it so quickly. So we had 2 options: Start from scratch or solve it somehow else. That's how I came across No-Code. Conceptually, it sounded like everything I could have wished for, because No-Code enabled me to build software on my own, using my own knowledge, without having to do in-depth programming. Within 2 days, I completely reoriented myself to No-Code with our development team of working students and we rebuilt our platform in no time. In the meantime, we have made 3x progress with the platform and have already been able to win over 150 start-ups as users for their legal topics.

How has working with No-Code influenced you?

No-Code helps me, as a solo founder with no programming knowledge, to no longer be completely dependent on the assessment of software developers. You never know if coding really takes that much time, you rarely know if your approach is the most efficient and you feel very dependent. With No-Code, I can work with them to implement the processes and, most importantly, involve my legal team, who usually don't have programming skills either, to build new legal tech logic and tools hand-in-hand with the developers. No-Code has literally changed my life.

What have you developed with No-Code?

We have built a legal self-service platform for start-ups and small businesses, covering all the legal topics they need. From e-learnings on all start-up and business management topics, to legal checks to identify and solve legal risks, to individual advice and cooperation with lawyers via video call - everything a business needs can be found at RAKETENSTART.

Do you have a tip for all those who are just starting with No-Code?

Just get started, watch video courses & dig in. Building great tools has never been easier.