Own web applications without code - the ultimate Bubble Masterclass

Learn how to build websites and web applications with one of the most powerful no-code tools on the market. In the Bubble Masterclass we help you get started and train you to become a Bubble Expert.

Become a Bubble Pro

With currently more than 2 million users, Bubble is one of the fastest growing no-code tools. And not without reason. Bubble breaks down the barriers of conventional programming. You don 't have to understand or write code. Instead, Bubble provides a visual "programming language" that anyone can understand and use.

(Almost) unlimited possibilities without prior knowledge

No matter whether you want to map simple processes in a digital application or merge and process data from 137 tools for complex data analysis. Bubble knows almost no limits when it comes to creating web applications.

We practice what we preach

We ourselves use Bubble every day. Whether for internal or client projects. So all the concepts we teach in the Masterclass have been tried and tested by us personally. That means you don't have to make the mistakes we've already made. On the other hand, we can provide you with plenty of material from practice and give you insights into real projects.

Bubble as an (unfair) competitive advantage

Have you ever wanted to take a shortcut in a computer game and used a cheat code to give yourself an advantage? That's exactly what Bubble feels like. With Bubble, you can develop web applications in no time and faster than a developer could do it with code. Take advantage of it for yourself and your business.

What will you be able to do afterwards? 

Who is the Masterclass suitable for?

Founders:inside & Start-ups

Founders and start-ups often have limited monetary and time capacities - we know that. Bubble enables you to implement your ideas quickly and cost-effectively without having to rely on external developers or agencies.

Team Leads & Innovators

With Bubble, innovative teams implement Minimum Viable Products in no time at all. This way, the problem/solution fit can be tested realistically before a final solution is developed. Maybe even with Bubble.


Agencies can not only implement customer projects more cost-effectively with Bubble, but also significantly faster. Absolutely no compromises have to be made.

What our participants say

"The masterclass is really great! Alex is great at taking away the fear of Bubble in a sympathetic way. By attending the Masterclass I finally got the basic knowledge and skills to be able to implement my first Bubble projects on my own."


Startup Program Manager


VisualMakers is official

What you learn

  • How to create your own websites and web applications without writing a line of code
  • Basic, advanced and expert knowledge of design, workflows and data
  • How to connect third-party systems to your application to send or retrieve data
  • How to develop a full project management tool with Bubble

How you learn

  • 11 modules with 3-13 lessons each in the masterclass
  • 1 additional module (fee required) for API interfaces
  • Knowledge test after each module
  • Final project
  • digital certificate as Bubble Expert:in from VisualMakers after successful completion of the Masterclass
  • Regular Open Office Hours
  • 30 min 1-on-1 with a Bubble Expert:in from the VisualMakers team
  • 4k Video Content
  • various resources including the e-books "Ultimate Guide to Bubble Security" & "Ultimate Guide to Bubble Performance" by Amlie Solutions
  • Bubble Credits in the amount of 200$ (More info in the FAQ)


No previous technical knowledge is required. Just your motivation to take your web development skills to the next level - and to have fun doing it 😊


Approx. 20 hours. You learn at your own pace.


Gain access to valuable bubble resources

Because we really want to pack the Masterclass with knowledge, you'll receive not only our extensive video content, 1:1 conversation and community, but also a lot of reading material with over 500 pages! The Masterclass includes access to the popular e-books "The Ultimate Guide to Bubble Security" and "The Ultimate Guide to Bubble Performance" worth 50 EUR from AmlieSolutions, one of the leading bubble agencies worldwide. We'll also provide you with a comprehensive collection of tricks, tips & tricks and best practices.

The VisualMakers Learning Pillars

Our masterclasses follow certain principles and values. All lessons are designed without fuss and unnecessary information. Your time is important!


All lessons build on each other and are interconnected in the modules. This way you learn step by step and can directly apply what you have already learned.


All examples in our masterclass are real use cases from our experience, so you have a direct connection to the learning content and can implement it directly in your own company.


At VisualMakers, we make community a priority. Get support from other Masterclass graduates, exchange ideas and learn with and from each other.


After successfully completing the Masterclass, we will certify you as a Make Master by VisualMakers. With this you can show your future customers or employers that you really know your field.

All modules

All lessons build on each other and are interconnected in the modules. This way you learn step by step and can directly apply what you have already learned.

1. onboarding

1.1 - Welcome! (3:11 Min)
1.2 - Masterclass Outlook (1:55 Min)
1.3 - Areas of Application / Use Cases (2:46 Min)
1.4 - What can't Bubble do? (0:45 Min)
1.5 - Bubble vs. other platforms (4:08 Min)

2. bubble setup

2.1 - Account setup (1:04 min)
2.2 - Project setup (1:10 min)

3 The Bubble Editor

3.1 - Editor structure (10:05 min)
3.2 - Understanding areas (15:06 min)
3.3 - Bubble documentation (1:32 min)

4. pages & elements

4.1 - Introduction to Pages & Elements (0:24 min)
4.2 - The Box Model (7:09 min)
4.3 - Flexbox Basics (4:38 min)
4.4 - Flexbox Container Layout (5:37 min)
4.5 - Flexbox Arrangement (2:33 min)
4.6 - Flexbox Widths (8:03 min)
4.7 - Flexbox Heights (4:11 Min)
4.8 - Margin & Padding (2:58 Min)
4.9 - Element Types (5:26 Min)
4.10 - Visual Elements (16:06 Min)
4.11 - Container Elements (7:24 Min)
4.12 - Form Elements (6:37 Min)
4.13 - Styling Elements (5:32 Min)

Responsive Design

5.1 Introduction to Responsive Design (Text)
5.2 - Preparation (Styles) (Text)
5.3 - Header (16:52 Min)
5.4 - Hero (7:57 Min)
5.5 - Content Block (7:17 Min)
5.6 - Column Layout / Pricing Tabs (6:19 Min)
5.7 - Forms (8:01)
5.8. Table (20:34 Min)
5.9 - Repeating Group (🔜)
5.10 - Login Screen (🔜)
5.11 - Footer (6:42 Min)
5.12 - Dashboard Intro & Header (19:28 Min)
5.13 - Dashboard Navigation (9:29 Min)
5.14 - Dashboard Content (7:46 Min)

6. data

6.1 - Introduction to databases (1:25 min)
6.2 - Setting up a database (7:28 min)
6.3 - Adding new data (5:53 min)
6.4 - Displaying data (7:16 min)
6.5 - Database design & performance (part 1) (text)
6.5 - Database design & performance (part 2) (text)

7. workflows

7.1 - Introduction to Workflows (0:54 min)
7.2 - Your First Workflow (5:19 min)
7.3 - Conditions in Workflows (6:10 min)
7.4 - Other Event Types (3:49 min)
7.5 - Workflows for adding data (6:34 min)
7.6 - Customer event workflows (5:03 min)
7.7 - Workflows for navigating (5:07 min)
7.8 - Debugger for troubleshooting (4:32 min)
7.9 - Custom states (9:56 min)

8. data (advanced)

8.1 - Introduction to Data (Advanced) (0:18 min)
8.2 - Repeating Groups (11:28 min)
8.3 - Displaying and Editing Data (10:43 min)
8.4 - Deleting Data (6:38 min)
8.5 - Filtering Data (5:37 min)
8.6 - Sorting Data (2:22 min)
8.7 - Search Function(1:32 min)
8.8 - Data Operators (4:34 min)

9. user management

9.1 - Introduction to User Management (text)
9.2 - Registering Users (11:50 min)
9.3 - Login, Logout and Making Pages Inaccessible (6:20 min)
9.4 - Editing the User Profile (7:50 min)
9.5 - Access Rights and Individual Display (7:00 min)

10. extended functions

10.1 - Introduction to Advanced Functions
10.2 - Reusable Elements
10.3 - URL Parameters
10.4 - Privacy
10.5 - Option Sets
10.6 Backend Workflows

11. use case: project management application

12.1 - Introduction to the Use Case
12. 2 - Overview and requirements
12.3 - Step-by-step implementation (detailed list follows)


Bubble Plugins
Bubble Templates
Useful APIs (interfaces)
and more

Add-on module: API (Interfaces)

11.1 - Introduction to Application Programming Interfaces
11.2 - Receiving and displaying data via API (GET)
11.3 - Sending data to API (POST)
11.4 - API access via plugins: Airtable


Do you still have questions or are you unsure whether the Bubble Masterclass is right for you? Then you'll find some answers here.

Why should I learn Bubble?

Bubble is perfect for people who have a thousand ideas for great web applications but couldn't implement them until now due to lack of programming skills. With Bubble, the programming part is visualized, so now everyone is able to build their own applications. You need absolutely no previous knowledge. Of course, Bubble can seem overwhelming at first because of the many features - in the Masterclass we will guide you step by step through all the topics you need to know regarding Bubble.

You will also benefit from Bubble as a developer. Many standard functions and interfaces can be set up with Bubble in a few minutes and work just as well as self-coded. So why not take advantage of the huge speed advantage? If you ever run into limitations with Bubble, you can add to your code and make your web app even richer.

Why should I learn with VisualMakers?

Of course, you will also find a lot of English-language content on YouTube and in forums - and if these resources are sufficient, that makes us just as happy! We have already implemented various own and customer projects with Bubble and know the tool pretty well by now. That's why we want to make it easier for you to get started and have packed all our knowledge into the masterclass. That way you don't have to make our mistakes anymore ;) In addition, we are constantly expanding the Masterclass with new content, making it the largest German knowledge library.

Is Bubble GDPR compliant?

First of all, a short disclaimer, because this is in no way legal advice. Please contact an Expert:in who can evaluate your individual case.

What we can say is: Bubble is a product of Bubble Group Inc. based in New York, USA. Bubble, and therefore your web application, is hosted on Amazon Web Services. Bubble offers companies with the help of a "Dedicated Server" the possibility to have data hosted exclusively in Frankfurt (DE). At the same time, it is also possible to connect your own database systems to a Bubble application to ensure that the data is hosted in Germany. In this case, Bubble would only cover the user interface and program logic. Suitable for this are any SQL databases like MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc., or database services like Seatable, Ninox or Xano.

Everything else you can find in the terms and conditions and privacy policy at: https://bubble.io/privacy

How much will the Bubble Masterclass cost?

Your investment for the Bubble Masterclass is 399 € excl.
In addition to the comprehensive video material , the Masterclass includes practical examples and use cases, templates, a certification, a 1-on-1 session with a Bubble expert from the VisualMakers team, access to our regular Open Office Hours as well as a Secret Unlimited Membership 12-month subscription worth $199, with access to various unbeatable software deals.

Here's a rundown of what's included again:

- 10+ hours of video content
- 30-minute 1:1 session with us worth 100 €
- 2x Bubble eBooks from AmlieStudios worth 50 $
- 1
year Secret Unlimited worth 199$
- Bubble Credits
worth 200$*
- Expert Certification from VisualMakers (priceless ;D )
- Open Office Hours
- exclusive Masterclass Community

* Terms and conditions for redeeming credits
- Must be redeemed within the first 12 months as a Bubble user
- Valid only once for each organization
- For new paying users only
- Credits are valid for 12 months only when redeemed
- This credit cannot be combined with any other coupon or offer you currently have with Bubble.
- Valid for monthly plans
- Does not apply to dedicated plans
- Excludes startups that have raised more than $10 million in total funding

Will there be discounts for freelancers or entrepreneurs?

We know that Bubble offers incredible value for freelancers and entrepreneurs. And we also know from our own experience that larger investments are often not possible, especially at the beginning of self-employment. That's why we want to offer you the opportunity to attend the Bubble Masterclass at a reduced price exclusively for you. For this purpose, there will be an application process in which you can participate. You will find out more about this shortly.

When will the Bubble Masterclass be available?

The Masterclass will be activated in modules from May 2022. Your personal access will be delivered to the email address with which you purchased the Masterclass.

How do I get the certification?

You will receive certification upon successful completion of the Masterclass. This includes the successful completion of each module with the corresponding exam questions and the successful passing of the final exam. Your certificate is personalised, numbered and will be emailed to you immediately after passing. You will also receive a small surprise by post if you wish. :)

You have further questions?

The first module is free of charge! Get a first impression

Discover our learning environment now and watch the first videos in the preview. This will give you an impression of the Masterclass content and structure.

One-off payment

Includes unlimited access and all future updates.

Team Bundle
On request

You want to train a whole team to become bubble experts? Then we can also offer you our masterclasses at a package price.

All prices are net (excl. 19% VAT)

Additional modules

APIs (interfaces)
119 €
250 €

Learn about the Bubble API Connector and link third-party interfaces to your Bubble application.

All prices are net (excl. 19% VAT)

Not sure how to use Bubble yet?

We have already implemented several projects with Bubble. We have broken down a few of them in our case studies to give you an insight into different use cases. Take a look and get inspired.

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